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How to Choose Your Wedding Caterer

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to choose a wedding caterer? Choosing your food for the big day doesn't need to be a difficult task, and with this in mind, I’ve outlined a few key things you should consider when choosing your wedding caterer.


How to Choose Your Wedding Caterer

How can you choose your wedding caterer? There are lots of factors to think about, but to make the right choice, I recommend you start by considering the following factors to help you along your way.

What's your Wedding Budget?

Firstly, consider your budget. This will directly impact the type of menu you offer, the number of guests you cater for, and your overall choice of a wedding caterer. If your budget is smaller, you may not be looking for luxury fine dining and could go for a local restaurant to cater for your wedding.

Be mindful that most caterers charge per head, so every extra person you add to your guest list is an extra meal you need to pay for.

Good Reviews are Gold

Always check your chosen caterer’s online reviews and reputation with past customers. This simple step can help ensure you get the most from your decision and choose a wedding caterer who can provide a reliable, valuable, and consistent experience for your special day.

If you can't see any reviews on their website, ask them for references. Most caterers will be more than happy to show you testimonials upon request.

Even better than an online review is a first-hand recommendation from a friend or family member. Do you know anyone who has recently got married? Ask them who their wedding caterer was and if they would recommend them.


Think Local

Look for a local team. Most wedding caterers in the UK work locally, so you should always check that your dream caterer will be able to help with your event and that it’s within their normal working radius. If not, you may be able to discuss potential alternative opportunities with your wedding caterer if they don’t normally work in your chosen area.

Finding a local caterer has other benefits too. They may have worked at your wedding venue before and already know the venue's preferred way of working. Finding a local wedding caterer also means there's less likelihood of having travel delays as they are based closer to your wedding venue.

Are they to your taste? (pun intended!)

Does the wedding caterer match the theme and style of your special day? After all, if you’re going for a glamorous and stylish wedding, you’ll likely want to choose a caterer who can match this theme (and vice versa).

If you would love a rustic barn wedding, you'll want the food to match the overall look and feel. Hearty farmhouse portions or an outdoor BBQ would be perfect. Want something more quintessentially English for your garden marquee wedding? Look for a caterer who can do an afternoon tea or a classic English menu.


Don't forget to try before you buy

Always try tasters to begin with. Before you book with a specialist wedding caterer if, at all possible, it’s well worth asking for tasters to check you’re happy with the quality of food.

Plus, this is one of the best parts of wedding planning!

Final Thoughts

The above factors are often easy to overlook; however, it’s vital you consider these as part of your final decision overall. So, why leave things to chance; discover the most suitable wedding catering solutions for your special day with help from me. As a wedding planner, I am more than happy to assist you in your search for the perfect wedding caterer.

I hope today’s guide may have helped with your wedding catering overall – helping to make your special day all the more magical.

If you would like any further assistance in your wedding planning, feel free to contact me, I'd be more than happy to have a chat!



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