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How to Have a Simple Yet Elegant Wedding Design

Having an intentionally simple wedding design can be a refreshing, stylish, and elegant way to celebrate your marriage. Simplicity focuses your wedding day on what matters most - you and your new spouse and your beautiful surroundings. By paring back the extras and clutter, you allow the beauty of your venue, thoughtfully designed décor, and specific elements take centre stage.

An elegant and minimal wedding table set up
Stephanie Green Photography at Bourne and Hollingsworth

Define your wedding concept

Start by defining your overarching theme or concept for your wedding, like "modern romance" or "black tie elegance." If décor, furniture and styling are your priority, then I suggest working with a wedding designer or stylist to help handpick every element of your décor. As a full-service wedding planner, I am also there to guide you in choosing your stationery suite, invitations, signage, bridesmaid dresses, cake, and more so that your colour scheme and aesthetic runs through every aspect of your wedding.

Match the design of your wedding venue

When choosing your venue, look for interior design and architectural beauty that you can enhance through minimal décor. Wedding venues that offer vaulted ceilings, grand chandeliers, manicured gardens, or floor-to-ceiling windows already have that 'wow-factor' and elegant built-in.

When you select a venue that doesn't require much extra decoration, your wedding already feels sophisticated and chic. My top tip for adding anything to your venue is to invest in high-quality rentals that will elevate the overall design of the space. Tables and chairs that look gorgeous without any added frills covers always work wonders for a minimalist vibe. Opt for simple, clean and elegant table décor with intentional items and designs for an overall flawless and understated luxury look.

Add small details to elevate your wedding

If you want to have floral displays or décor, then adding small details like pillar candles, fresh greenery and bud vases will add a hint of colour without cluttering your reception tables. For a romantic vibe, group candles in varying heights around your venue of a warm and cosy glow.

For a focal point of your reception, why not have a champagne tower or an elegant space for your wedding cake. These elements are design pieces in themselves as well as serving as part of your special day.

Book a wedding planner

As your wedding planner, I help you define and execute a beautifully simplified yet stylish wedding design throughout your special day, from selecting your cohesive theme to connecting you with designers and suppliers to make your vision a reality. If you want advice and guidance from an experienced luxury wedding planner, send me an email today and let’s start working together.



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