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How to plan a wedding with children

If you're a parent planning your wedding, here's some helpful advice on how to have children at your wedding.

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough, but add young children into the mix and it can feel overwhelming. However, with a little extra planning and patience, it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams while still taking care of your little ones. Here are some tips for planning a wedding when you have young children.

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Involve your children

Including your children in the wedding planning process can be a great way to make them feel included and excited about the big day. Consider asking them for input on things like the colour scheme or the menu.

Hire a wedding babysitting service or creche

Having a designated caregiver for your children during the wedding festivities can be a lifesaver. This could be a trusted family member or friend, or you could hire a professional babysitter or nanny. If you plan to have children at the wedding, consider setting up a designated play area or hiring an entertainer to keep them occupied.

As your wedding planner, I have some amazing wedding nanny services in my book of recommended suppliers.

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Choose a family-friendly venue

When selecting a wedding venue, make sure it is suitable for children. Look for a venue with plenty of space to run around, child-friendly amenities, and easy access to restrooms and changing areas.

Ideally, you'd want to have a separate room for children to play in and have some space away from the loud wedding reception.

Plan around nap and bedtimes

If your children are still young enough to need naps or an early bedtime, consider scheduling the wedding ceremony and reception around their schedules. This may mean having an earlier start time or planning for a break in the festivities for naps or quiet time.

Pack a bag of essentials

Be prepared for any situation by packing a bag of essentials for your children. Include snacks, drinks, a change of clothes, Nappies and wipes, and any necessary medications or comfort items.

As a wedding planner, I always have my emergency kit bag, however, it's always best to bring your own goody bag of your child's favourite toys, games and snacks to make them feel comfortable.

By following these tips and being flexible, you can plan a wedding that is enjoyable for both you and your children. Remember to take breaks when needed, have a backup plan, and most importantly, have fun!

Another option to consider when planning a wedding with young children is hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner can take on many of the tasks associated with planning a wedding, from choosing a venue and selecting suppliers to coordinating the day-of logistics.

This can alleviate some of the stress of planning a wedding and allow you to focus on your children and enjoying your special day.

When choosing a wedding planner, look for someone with experience working with families and young children. They can help you plan for child care, incorporate kid-friendly activities and amenities, and coordinate the day-of schedule to work around your children's schedules.

As a mother myself, I understand the implication of decisions when you have a family to consider

I can offer advice and guidance on how to incorporate children into your wedding ceremony and reception, from including them in the bridal party to creating a special area just for them.

Overall, hiring me as your wedding planner will be a valuable investment when planning your wedding with young children. I will help make the process smoother and more enjoyable for the whole family, allowing you to focus on creating special memories together.

If you'd like to find out more about my wedding planning service, book in a complimentary discovery call with me.

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