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How to Plan your Multi-Faith Wedding at Home

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Planning a multi-faith wedding at home can be a beautiful and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. Jessica Ghansah Weddings have had the pleasure of planning and coordinating an array of multi-faith weddings and from my experience here are eight steps you and your wedding planner should consider when planning your multi-faith wedding at home:

Clear span marquee with clear roof hosting a garden wedding breakfast with long banquet tables
Hall & Co Event Design

Research the customs and traditions

Begin by researching the customs and traditions of the different faiths involved in your wedding. You may know some of these already from previous weddings you've been to but it's always nice to have a little research and you'll probably find out some history behind the traditions and how they started! This will help you understand the requirements of each faith and how you can incorporate them into your wedding ceremony.

Bride and Groom Zaffe for Greek Lebanese Fusion Wedding
Cooper Studios Photography

Decide on the ceremony

Decide on the type of ceremony you want to have. You can choose to have one ceremony that blends both faiths or have two separate ceremonies, each representing one faith. There are so many options now. You don't have to stick with one tradition!

Select the officiants

Choose officiants who are well-versed in the customs and traditions of both faiths. They should be able to guide you on the different rituals, blessings, and prayers that need to be included in the ceremony. If you wish to have your ceremony at home in your garden, you may want to consider a celebrant who can create a totally bespoke ceremony to you with a blend of faiths and traditions.

Plan the ceremony space

Decide on the space where the ceremony will take place. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate all your guests and that it can be decorated to reflect the cultural and religious aspects of the ceremony. A garden marquee is usually the most popular option at home, if you’re unsure of the type to go for, my blog Which type of marquee is right for your wedding? can give you some inspiration.

Outdoor Ceremony set up at Barnsley House in the Cotswolds
Claire Do Monte Weddings

Choose your wedding attire

Choose attire that reflects both faiths. This can include traditional wedding attire from both cultures or a fusion outfit that blends elements from both cultures. You can ask your guests to get involved and wear something traditional or add a relaxed dress code to allow guests of all faiths and religions to wear what they would like.

Choose the wedding menu

One of my favourite parts! Your wedding menu can include food that reflects both cultures. You can choose to have a buffet or sit-down meal, depending on your preferences. You could have a caterer who can blend both cultures together and create a fusion menu. Or you could opt to have one type of cuisine for the wedding breakfast and another for the evening food.

Select the wedding decor

The wedding decor should reflect both cultures. You can choose to incorporate traditional elements from both cultures, such as colours, motifs, and symbols. This is where you could get your family and friends involved to give ideas and suggestions, they may even be able to help set up the day before!

Plan the wedding entertainment

Choose entertainment that reflects both cultures. This can include music, dance, and other performances that showcase the cultural heritage of both faiths. Music is so important at weddings!

Bride and groom partying and dancing with guests
John Nassari Photography

By following these steps, you can plan a beautiful multi-faith wedding that celebrates the traditions and customs of both faiths. Drop me a message and we can have a chat about planning your multi faith wedding at home.



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