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What happens at a Lebanese Wedding?

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

I've been lucky enough to coordinate some incredible Lebanese weddings here in the UK. Arabic weddings are full of fun, energy and style. If you've ever wondered what the traditions are at a Lebanese wedding, keep reading!

Pre-Wedding Bridal Celebration

This party is for the bride and her closest friends and family. Everyone meets at the bride's family home to celebrate with music, delicious chocolates, intricately decorated sweets and fruit juices. It's the perfect send off for the bride and her bridal party before leaving for the church.


The Zaffe

The Lebanese Zaffe is an extravagant warm-up to a big party! The bride and groom make a grand entrance as they dance their way onto the main dance floor surrounded by drummers and professional Zaffe dancers. They then continue to dance on the floor, while their guests are around them clapping and being entertained.

It's incredibly fun and high energy, this can last for around 30 minutes and happens before everyone sits down to eat their meal.


Traditional Lebanese Food

Food and drink are a huge part of Arabic weddings. Lebanese weddings usually have multiple courses including a cold mezze (such as hummus, baba ghanouj and bread), hot mezze (such as kibbeh , falaffel and fatayir). The main course will include many dishes including a mixed grill, rice and moussaka.

Delicious sweets such as Baklava, Atayef and Knafeh are served, as well as traditional Lebanese coffee.

Belly Dancing

Not specifically for Lebanese weddings, however, belly dancing is an ancient art and has been a fixture of weddings and parties in the Middle East for centuries. Belly dancing brings an energetic party atmosphere to any wedding evening.

Gifts or Favours

It's tradition for the couple to give every guest a thank you gift as they leave the wedding. These usually consist of chocolates and sweets but can also include other gifts such as candles.


A traditional Lebanese wedding includes a lot of singing and dancing, especially dabke!

Dabke is a dance of coordinated group movements and steps. The dance is usually performed to a specific type of music, a blend of traditional Arab and modern music styles.


Now you can see why I love planning and coordinating Lebanese weddings! They are incredibly fun, opulent and full of tradition.

If you're planning your Arabic wedding and would like to have a chat, drop me a message.

Photographs by: Cooper Studio & John Nassari



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