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What to Include in Your Wedding Invitations?

Blue stationery suite on stone with gold scissors and flowers
Lucca Studios Wedding Stationery, photographed by Suzy Elizabeth Photography

Your wedding invitations set the tone for your big day. While the design is important, you also need to think about the details and information included in your invitations so that you don't get endless questions from your guests. Make sure you add all the details and information so your guests have everything they need.

When creating and designing your invitations, be sure to include these details:

Your full name

Use your full name on your Save the Dates as well as your Invitations. Even if you go by nicknames in your day-to-day, use your first and last names. This helps set the tone if you are having a formal wedding, and it also helps more distant relatives know exactly who you are related to!

Date and Time of Events

Don't just list the date - be sure to include the start times for both the ceremony and reception. For example, "Ceremony at 2pm" and "Reception at 5pm." Providing the exact times helps guests plan their travel, and arrival times and if they need to plan transport between two venues.

Location Details

Include the full venue name, address, and any relevant location info like the nearest motorway exit, nearest airport or train station. If the venue is difficult to find, provide a map on a separate insert. List local accommodation info with a rough pricing guide or include the option for on-site accommodation if you have room blocks reserved for guests.

Attire and Dress Code

Give guidance on attire by noting "black tie optional," "cocktail attire," or "casual chic" on the invitation. This allows guests to dress appropriately and gives them time to buy, hire or get outfits tailored and ready for your big day.

RSVP Instructions

Make it as easy as possible for your guests to RSVP! Add instructions by providing either a mailing address or wedding website URL for online RSVPs. Don't forget to add a clear RSVP deadline date!

Transport Information

If you are providing transport or shuttle buses then include the timings, meeting points and the names of the transport providers. If your guests are making their own way to your wedding, include local taxi numbers, train stations and available parking.

Wedding Day Information

If you know your guests will likely ask you a lot of questions, then add all the details of your wedding in extra inserts such as the menu, order of the day with timings, order of service, map and anything else you think your guests would like to know beforehand.


It is customary to add either a registry list or a donation card with your invitation. You might have a website with a list of registry gifts your guests can choose from or you could ask for donations towards your honeymoon or a charity. Add this information at the end of your invitation.

Providing this level of detail on your wedding invitations allows guests to fully understand the wedding day timeline, logistics and style of wedding they will be attending.

Need some advice and guidance on how to word your invitations or how to find a stationery designer that will capture the vibe and aesthetic of your wedding through invitation designs? My comprehensive wedding planning service connects you to the best wedding suppliers so every aspect of your wedding is perfect, starting with your invitations.

To find out more on how we can work together to plan and design your dream wedding, book a call with me today.



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