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Which marquee is right for your wedding?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

How to choose the right style of marquee for your wedding.

Deciding the type of marquee structure for your wedding can seem a little confusing. There are lots of different styles to choose from. The time of year of your wedding, the overall design style, and the location of your wedding will all have an impact on your marquee structure choice.

Clear Span Marquee

Clear Span Marquee

The most common wedding marquee structure is a clear span marquee, also known as a framed marquee. Clear span means that the area inside the structure is clear, so no poles here! The benefit is a wide open space, without anything to obstruct your guests' view. These marquees don't require any guy ropes either so are great if you have a smaller area.

This style if tent is so flexible as you can easily add on extra spaces such as catering tents, separate evening rooms or an entrance porch. Clear span marquees require an internal lining to hide the metal framework. The roof can be made clear which looks beautiful, although it can get quite warm in the summer months.

These marquees are amazing for creating a modern, chic and stylish aesthetic. However, they're not so suitable for a rustic styled wedding.

Traditional Marquee

Traditional Pole Marquee

Also known as pole marquees, Sperry tents or petal pole marquees. This is a more traditional style of marquee and is supported by a frame that includes king poles, which hold up the roof. Extra space is needed to allow for the guy ropes around the edge of the marquee.

Pole tents provide less flexibility than clear span marquees, as you cannot section off areas. However, they look stunning and are perfect for a more traditional style of countryside marquee wedding.

Stretch Tent Marquee

Stretch Tent

A stretch tent is a more contemporary style of marquee that looks like one large piece of canvas that has been stretched across king poles with the ends taken all the way to the ground.

If you go for a stretch tent marquee, you might have to think about where to put the catering tent, or any extra spaces required, as there is less flexibility to add on areas with this style of marquee.

Stretch marquees are wonderful during the hot summer months as you can remove all the sides and enjoy the wonderful view and cool breeze. They can get quite cold in the evening, so not suitable for cooler seasons.

Chinese Hat Marquee

Chinese Hat Marquee

Less popular for weddings, Chinese hat marquees are pagodas, usually square or hexagonal, that can be bolted together to create lots of different areas for your guests to enjoy. Their framework is similar to a clear span marquee and can be put anywhere.

Tipi Marquee

Wedding Tipi

Tipi weddings are becoming more and more popular, and you can see why! These marquees create a stunning, rustic and imposing structure for any outdoor wedding. Tipis can be bolted together to create extra spaces which is great if you have lots of guests. These tents have a complex network of timber poles which meet in a point at the top of the marquee. The tipi poles are great feature and can be decorated with foliage or fairy lights.

Unique to a tipi, is that you can have a fire pit inside! This adds such a lovely cosy atmosphere and your guests can toast marshmallows in the evening!

If you're still struggling to decide which style of wedding marquee to choose, speak to a wedding planner who specialises in marquees, they will be more than happy to give you some advice.

A marquee wedding is a big undertaking and there are a lot of logistical elements to think about and plan for. It is recommended that you hire a wedding planner to help with the process or, at the very least, hire an on the day wedding coordinator.

If you'd like to book a complimentary consultation to talk about your marquee wedding, fill out the contact form on my website.



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