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Why you shouldn't have a buttercream wedding cake

Ok quick disclaimer... I do love a buttercream wedding cake, in fact I had one at my own wedding in March 2019. However, after the last couple of wedding seasons, I've seen my fair share of wedding cakes and there are a couple of things you should think about before choosing yours.

Four-tier white buttercream wedding cake decorated with white flowers
Photo by Elisa Bricker

Buttercream cakes hate the heat

Summer 2022 saw the hottest temperatures recorded in the UK. A spell of heatwaves in June 2022 led to the UK experiencing its fourth warmest summer on record - and temperatures broke the 40C mark for the first time!

While some of you may have enjoyed the hot summer days... I tell you who didn't... the buttercream wedding cakes! I've witnessed the top two tiers of a wedding cake collapse to the floor during a wedding breakfast because of the high humidity and heat in the room.

Ferns and baby's breath on a three-tier semi-naked wedding cake set atop of a textured gold cake stand
J. Harper Photography, Cake: Basin Harbor Club

Be mindful if you're having a garden marquee

If you're planning a marquee wedding, be mindful that there will always be a few wedding crashers who were not invited... Ants, wasps and flies to name a few! And these guys absolutely love the smooth, creamy sweet buttercream icing. One wedding I ran last May, the cake was so popular with the ants that we had to move it into the refrigerated trailer for the duration of the day to keep it from being eaten! This is such a shame as you want your wedding cake to be seen by your guests and not hidden away.

Tall two-tiered white buttercream wedding cake with orange and peach flowers
Wedding Cakes by Hannah Matilda

Don't get me wrong, buttercream cakes can look (and taste!) amazing, however, if you're having a summer, or outdoor wedding I'd recommend looking at some other options.

If you want to have a chat with me about your wedding and how I can help you plan your dream day, drop me a message via the link below.



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